A process of documentation, which has progressed from the general to the specific, accompanied the conservation effort in Ganish. The documentation was undertaken in several stages. The entire area of greater Ganish was surveyed and mapped. Mappings to a larger scale were carried out in the historic village in view of the detailed nature of infrastructure development that was to be carried out here: as the work progressed, the historic village was surveyed in several stages, increasing in depth and detail. Building projects that were dealt with initially were the first to undergo detailed documentation, while more sustained surveys were done of buildings and structures conserved later.

For several years, small teams of students from the National College of Arts, Lahore, assisted the team in documenting individual buildings and in particular individual houses. Currently the village has been documented almost entirely, with large scale plans for nearly all individual buildings available. The documentation will benefit in carrying out conservation interventions, as well as in monitoring the present state of elements that have already been conserved. It is also of help in setting up the operation of a maintenance programme and in planning how the responses to the pressures for change in form and function are to be made by the community.